Thursday, May 11

Finally the end of the semester has come and gone!

My grades were alot better than I had thought they would be. I ended up with nothing less than a B, that was definately a relief.

So far summer break has been fantastic, however I have come down with some sort of nasty plague. I hope it is only a sinus infection and will clear up on its own soon.

The Beau and I are in the process of buying a house, we've found two that we like and are going through the motions at the bank to get approved for a mortgage. I can't believe we want to be homeowners together!! This is nuts.

I have quit smoking again! I gave it up when I got sick two weeks ago. I can't decide if I want this to be permanent or not. You only live once and dammit I enjoy smoking!

Other than that, nothing new. Diablo, if we do buy a house this summer I will not be able to make it to SLC. :(

Monday, January 30

Thanks to my english class here is where i am writing: English Blog

Monday, January 9


Break started off in the traditional way, chaos at the bakery.

Shortly after we closed on Christmas Eve, Dave and I started our 7 christmas celebrations gauntlet, and oh what fun it was.

During the third celebration on Christmas Eve, Paul came home and we drank at Zoolegers. I could hardly stand upright i was so exhausted, but you can't pass up beer with your brother.

Paul got the surprise of his life when he was informed of his present from me...a new car!! Dave and I had spent a few weeks putting back together a coworkers Saturn and had my old buick sitting around not in use once we got the gas saving machine up and running. So Paully got to drive home to SLC and is now the proud owner of a Buick Regal, aka "The Regal Beagle."

Of course being the loving brother that he is he bequeathed to me his badass speakers.

Chrsitmas Eve we got together with some friends and played Taboo, which is surprisingly fun. The Sailor Jerry's however was not. I forgot how strong that stuff was and spent the evening bowing to the porcelain goddess. oops.

Dave and i are on the hunt for a new apartment and have possibly found one with a YARD! I can't wait to see it and decide. Hopefully this nice weather can hold up until we get moved in. keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, November 30

Almost Done!!

less than two weeks til finals! i am relieved that this semester is almost done, i have done enough reading in the past 16 weeks to last an entire year. thankfully i will end the semester without the need for glasses, i wasn't sure that was going to be the case for awhile there.

i am currently avoiding studying, which is turning into a trend. So, i decided to update, not that i really have anything to say.

let's see...

talking about prostitution and homosexuality in a soc class is always fun and informative.

dave's car died and i had to get up at the ass crack o' dawn to take him to work, then he decided to call in..argh

we bought a ton of christmas ornaments and have plans to get a tree this weekend, awww isn't that cute, our first christmas tree. it is cute actually, we're both stoked and can't wait to put it up.

between my family's thanksgiving, work turkey, and the three with his various relatives (thankfully his father didn't have thanksgiving this year as well or it ouwld have been at least four.) i am turkey'd out, and have no plans to come near dead animals for quite some time. yuk

living together is still amazing. i thought i would hate it and that we would be broken up and dying to get away from each other by now. I was wrong, Dave is the best roommate i have ever had. That includes Chad who was never home. We are absolute idiots together. Amazingly we don't get into arguments about whose turn it is to clean/take the trash out/do the laundry/cook, etc. lucky lucky me

Possibly transfering to the Krannert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis for next year. It all depends on the financial aid and driving situation. Dave doesn't want to move any closer, and i'm not quite convinced that i want to move either. So that leaves a nice long drive to the south side of Indy for school. shitttty though the $20K is a little more taxing.

Diablo, you asked about changes around town, here's one for you...Von's went up in flames again, the attic and apartments are torched and the store has serious smoke and water damage. Other than that, nothing new.

i've killed enough studying time i think.

Monday, October 31

What a weekend!

We dressed up on Friday night and went with Dave's mom and her boyfriend to a costume party at the Legion in West Lafayette. My costume was so not well recieved. I went as a naughty nun complete with whip, fishnets, four inch heels, and an outfit so short i had to go out and buy little boy jockeys to cover my ass. The old ladies and mothers gave me the shittiest looks and talked a bit of trash. once they had gone home though the drunk old men (almost all of which went to catholic school apparently) were very receptive, and quite annoying.

The next night we went to a costume party at the house of my friend who recently moved back into town and the Nicks. For the most part it was a good time.

The best though was sunday, we went on a motorcycle ride around the state and i met dave's grandmother (who is extremely spry for 82!) and his father's new puppy. We also at at Ashi for the first time.

The ride itself had its crazy moments. we got on the highway and headed to battleground, some lady passed us so dave tried to catch up, we got up to 125mph before we even started to gain on her. holy shit that is fast on the back of a bike. The scariest part was when dave opened the bike all the way up so that i could get an idea of the power of this thing. had i not known what he was doing i would have flown off the back of the bike, as it was the force of it all almost pulled me off, that thing is quicker and has more power per pound than a Viper (which is a V10.) Holy Shit!! any faster on the acceleration and dave would have had to fight to keep the front end on the ground (not to mention i really would have gone flying off the back. Thankfully we got home in once piece and that was the last ride of the season.

Other than that, we are shitty neighbors. We thought the kids would go trick or treating todya, not last night. So we had nothing for them, we suck.

Tuesday, September 27

Tag, I'm IT. I was tagged by this fine gentleman (woof)

The list of SE7EN

SE7EN ThInGs iD lIkE To dO beFORe i dIE:
1.ride a roller coaster (i get panic attacks)
2.jump out of an airplane with dave
3.learn how to drive a motorcycle
4.visit MORE foreign countries
5.own a business
6.go to culinary school
7.own a house (my dream house specifically)

1.give a badass massage
2.change my own spark plugs, brakes, rotors (sp?), tires, wiper blades,etc.
3. build a fire (quickly)
4.drive cross country without sleeping
5.whip up a badass meal without once looking at a recipie
6.drive a stick shift
7.sing in front of a crowd

1.the splits
2.cruise the country side with chuckie
3.fly a plane (take off and land at least)
4.replace a winshield (at least not yet!)
5.take no for an answer
6.compose music
7.stop listening to music

1.feet (slender and soft)
2.smiles (jaw lines dimples and good lips)
3.body hair (chest mainly)
4.sense of humor (sarcasm, goofiness, ability to laugh at self)
5.eyebrows (expressive)
7.ability to work with their hands/ don't care if they get dirty (on cars, food, or me)

2. no shit
3. what?
4. davey, you're a pest. a pest pest pest
5. but i love you anyway
6. when's seth going home? (this week anyway)
7. bullshit

1. Don cheadle ( i don't know how to spell his last name)
2. tupac
3. david ducovney
4. tba
5. tba
6. tba
7. tba
all tba's i can't think of their names right now

1. tracey
2. well that was about it the rest have already been tagged, and i don't know seven bloggers

Saturday, September 24

Ah hell, i have nothing better to do right now

so why not post?

for the most part i have been busy busy busy with school. one of my soc. classes is taking up about every free minute that i have. we got our study guide this week for our first test in the class, i have never seen something so elaborate. as a class we decided to break up all the questions because it was just too much for any one person to do.

My math class is turning out to be one of my favorite classes this semester, while my history class makes me want to strangle my professor. he's an idiot and boring as well, though he does try hard.

slowly but surely i am saving up $$ to fix up my new gas saving alternative (to be unveiled when it is complete) hopefully within the next month or so.

living with the boy is going well, i think better than either of us expected, definately better than i expected. i thought it would be bad bad and more bad. turns out we have a blast living together. we've had a third for the week, seth has been in town and we're not sure when he is leaving, but he's been staying with us for the most part. the nice payoff for our hospitality is that he cooks everything.

Work is still work, as usual

The Feast is this weekend and the six of us are heading out on Sunday, thankfully it is MUCH cheaper this year than last. i just hope it doesn't rain

back to studying!